ATLAS-DANMARK´s objective is to manufacture a freshwater generator and other products as oily water separators which fulfill the request from all our marine and industrial partners.

  • ATLAS-DANMARK are able to supply all parts, spare parts as well as service of new and all existing units. Further we are able to supply spare parts to all Atlas-Danmark marine equipments, delivered up to more than forty years ago.

  • ATLAS-DANMARK is able to supply any kind of water treatment in connection with new as well as existing freshwater generators, and also able to handle any kind of contamination in the produced freshwater.

  • ATLAS-DANMARK is more over able to supply spare parts to other types of freshwater generators.

The ATLAS Source of Life will ensure you a constant flow of sparkling clean freshwater, the ATLAS maintenance and overall service will prevent that the Source will ever cease to flow. 

M/S Kista Dan - the ship to the right - was the first ship that got an AFGU unit installed.

Built as Kista Dan for J. Lauritzen A/S for trade to east coast of Greenland. With a hull strengthened for navigation in ice and reversible-pitch propeller, she alternated from the Arctic to the Antarctic with the season. Chartered by the Australian Antarctic Research Expedition (ANARE) 1953-57, she helped establish the Davis and Mawson stations. She was the first vessel to be painted bright red for visibility in arctic conditions. Carried two Auster aircraft for survey work.

Later sold to Karlsen Shipping and renamed Martin Karlsen; used for survey work and trading to NE Canada. Purchased jointly by insurance firm Marsh & McLennan and C.T. Bowring & Co in 1979, and renamed Benjamin Bowring for use in the Transglobe Expedition. Sold in 1983 to Halba Shipping and renamed Arctic Gael, but laid up. Resold to Freighters & Tankers Ltd and renamed Olimpiakos with intention of being converted to a yacht for the Greek shipowner John Goulandris. Laid up permamently at Greek island of Kos, she was sold once more in 1997 to Polar Ventures for use in pollution control in Antarctic waters. However, her material condition was too poor, and she was sold to a Turkish breakers yard in 1998 for scrapping.

ATLAS FRESHWATER - a substantial Source of Life

  • Type: Arctic Research Ship
  • Displacement: 1,250 tons
  • Dimensions: 213 x 37 x 20 ft.
  • Machinery: Burmeister & Wain diesel, 1560 I.H.P. = 12 knots
  • Passengers: 24
  • Builder: Aalborg Werft, 1952