Fresh Water Generator - AFGU Multi Stage

ATLAS’ experience achieved in the technology of desalination dates back to the early fifties where we, as one of the first companies in the world, developed a desalination plant which converts sea water into fresh water according to the distilling principle.

The choice of materials as well as our present constructions are based on the experience that we have learned from more than 24.000 desalination units, which we have supplied and installed since the beginning of this line of business.

ATLAS’ delivery programme comprises desalination plants which are built as modules with capacities from 1 – 1000 m3 per 24 hrs and the flexibility of the modularized system is distinguished by the ability of being able to be adapted to and utilizing energy sources of temperatures as low as 55-60o C (131-140o F).

Power stations and industries need huge amounts of fresh water and since they are prodigious users of energy and very often wasteful users, the waste heat, which often constitutes advantage in the freshwater production.

Besides the better exploitation of the expensive energy, the need of fresh water is covered without any remarkable increases in the operating costs if the power station to supply electricity to the pumps belonging to the desalination plant.

The fresh water produced in an ATLAS desalination plant can of course be used as ordinary drinking water, however such a high quality of fresh water can be obtained that it can be used ad technical water to industrial processes as, e.g. feed water to high-pressure boilers. Not only the necessary amount of fresh water for the operation is obtained, but it has also turned out that considerable savings in the operation of e.g. ion exchange plants can be obtained due to a smaller consumption of chemicals.

The maintenance and especially the investment costs for an ATLAS desalination plant are less than for any other desalination plant on the market. It only needs very little attendance as it has proved to be a reliable plant with regard to the operation, and consequently, fresh water can be produced easily and economically.